Carmen C.

Betty is an agent who cares. She listens to your needs but doesn’t shy away from voicing important factors a buyer should consider. Betty is very thorough in going over details and disclosures. Our home-buying process was smooth and painless. My husband and I now have a home and a new dear friend.

Michael Chew

As first-time home buyers, we had questions about the many factors that go into deciding to make an offer on a house. Betty’s patience, knowledge of the market, attention to detail, and personal support, gave us peace of mind throughout the entire process. Betty was very honest about the pros and cons of different houses, always keeping in mind what would be best for our unique situation. Not only do we have a wonderful new home, but a new friend.

Ravi Palakodety

Over past 6 years, we've worked with Betty to buy two houses, and sell one. Betty has been an outstanding realtor for us. When we were looking to buy a house, Betty would do a lot of research on our behalf to make sure that home we would put an offer on would be best for our family. Multiple times, she uncovered some non-obvious flaws, that made us grateful that we had passed on a home. Eventually, we found exactly the home that we wanted, and have been very happy with the process.

While selling our home, Betty handled every aspect of the remodeling that we did to prepare the house for sale (working with the contractor, picking out the materials that would yield a good sale). We were happy that the home was sold quickly after going on the market with a good price.

Charles Kwong

I’m glad that I had the opportunity to work with Betty. Her honesty, knowledge and experience in the process from beginning to end got me the best offer of the bunch. I would hire her again if I ever had the need to sell or buy a home again.


Angela Sands

Betty worked with us to purchase our new home and she was so supportive and informative throughout the process. We were new to home buying in the USA and Betty made the process stress free for us.

Betty is very easy to get along with and she offered great advise when looking at homes not pushing us into anything that she did not believe would work for us.

Betty was also very easy to contact and has continued to be a support after moving. I would recommend Betty to anyone looking for a property as she really takes on the needs of her clients.

Dave and Helen

Betty was great to work with and in addition to being detail oriented, she brings her own unique perspective for the houses under consideration. She helped us with the purchase of a new home, as well as another prior transaction. Betty is professional, hardworking and personable. She has a strong work ethic, good moral character and integrity – trustworthy, transparent and honest. Betty has your best interest at heart and wants you to feel comfortable and safe in your new home. She will go the extra mile for you. We highly recommend Betty for all your real estate needs! =)

Meena and Venkat

Being first time home buyers, we were a little intimidated at first.

We were so fortunate to have found Betty as our Realtor. She was referred to us by a friend who was her former client. She helped us find the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price and made the process much easier than we had anticipated.

She is very professional, dedicated, friendly, punctual and more over awesome to work with and always on our side working to make our home purchase as successful as possible. She responded very quickly to every email, text and phone call and any questions we had were answered quickly and efficiently. We both are very happy with our first home and couldn't have been more pleased with her excellent service. Thank you Betty, for your honesty, integrity, guidance. This made our first home buying experience as easy as it was! You are true gem in your profession. We would definitely recommend Betty to anyone and would not hesitate to use again for ourselves.

Ravi and VJ

Betty is a very good real estate professional. She has been very patient in understanding our requirements and guided us through our home buying process. She is very professional and very efficient. She works hard for getting the right house for her clients. She also gave us a lot of insights about a property.

She is not pushy and we really like that . She works hard and gets any information at no time. She did all the due diligence and helped us in the process of buying our home in Bay area.

We really like Betty and would love to work with her in the future.

Srinath and Pallavi

We have known Betty for few years from a common friend who is her prior client. We were on the side lines looking at the internet postings and less motivated to make the decision. This year however we discussed with her and she helped us to get out of our couch and go shopping.

We closed on a property within weeks and she ensured we had a very great experience until from offer to close.

She is a wonderful meticulous realtor who is very personable. We will use her for our future real estate needs.

Jay and Priya

Betty is awesome ! She was referred to us by a friend who was her former client and we are grateful for the referral. As a first time home-owner, we had no idea where to start with and what to look for in a house. She understood our requirements very well, did not push us to make any offer unless we were 100% certain and eventually we ended up with a brand new home that matched our long list of needs. We had numerous questions throughout the process, she clarified each and every one of it with the same patience and clarity. She has detailed knowledge about the neighborhoods in the bay area and she evaluates every detail of the property disclosures. She is punctual, professional, courteous, responsive, detail oriented, and just all around awesome to work with.

We would highly recommend Betty. 5 stars to her ! And we will be back to her for our next home shopping.

Haijie Wu

Betty has been of great help to us since the very beginning of our house purchasing. She has great experience and is a very very honest person. She does not hesitate to tell us the drawbacks of many of the properties that we looked at. She truly helped us to avoid some of the properties which have potential risks that we did not know when we look at it.

Her work ethic is beyond the chart and has been always responsive to our requests/questions (during both work days and weekends). In addition, she continued to help us outside of the purchasing of the house, which includes but not limited to: Finding contractors, suggesting places to get good deals of appliances...

In a summary, working with Betty made our house purchasing experience truly great and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who are planning to buying a house.

Lu Gao

Betty is a very sweet person and an excellent agent. She works so hard even though she is a super smart lady. She always helps us right away when issue occurs 24/7 and her effective working speed is impressive too. We love working with someone who is fast, smart, experienced and kind. And that is all Betty. We highly recommend her to our friends who need agent. We will keep in touch with her for sure.

Amit Gupta

Its great to have someone like Betty by your side when you are making serious decisions in your life. She is one of the most energetic, through and honest professional. Whenever we had a question for her, we always got the most appropriate answer on time. She was always there to solve our queries. Her recommendations were detailed with good comparative analysis. We enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her. She is the best in her area.


I can not say enough good things about Betty. I seldom wrote any review about anything. But I would love to recommend Betty to anyone who is looking for a realtor. She is very professional and accountable! She understood our needs so well. Her expertise knowledge made a right offer for us to get the property! Her sincere and diligent working attitude won the trust of the listing agent. She makes our whole process to look for a suitable property for my family in the bay area very smooth. Betty is a very nice and very patient lady. She is always supportive. In the middle of the purchasing, I was very hesitating to move forward to backward. She was so understanding. When I need extra trips to very to view the properties. No problem for Betty. She looked so happy to do so though I feel bit guilty to take use of her out of working hours. She is willing to work extra mile to help her clients. For example, she is willing to contact HOA for extra issues for me.

Henry Fung

Our hillside house was becoming too large for two people, and we wanted to downsize. When Betty found us a flat that met all our specific needs of a single story house, we were ready to sell our half acre house with gorgeously trimmed yard, tranquil koi pond and spectacular view of city by day and lovely sunsets at night. Betty provided us with many suggestions to help us update our house. We worked together well and all tasks were completed smoothly and in a timely manner. We were constantly in touch to keep everyone aware of house repair progress. Betty followed up promptly and efficiently on our phone calls and emails. After repairs were completed and house was cleaned, it was staged and beautifully done. It was ready to be presented to potential buyers. When For Sale sign was up, many people came to view our lovely house. There were Open House days and special Open House week nights so potential buyers could see and enjoy the spectacular sunsets and sceneries in the evenings. The house was sold in less than ten days. We were delighted that buyers were pleased they found their dream house. Betty was very helpful, personable, efficient and worked patiently with us. She worked with confidence and determination from beginning to end to complete sale of our house. Three cheers and thumbs up to Betty, who is an excellent real estate professional, and a very caring friend as well.

Marianne Lee

Betty was such a joy to work with. I was in good hands every step of the way. She took the time to get to know me and what I was looking for in a home. She is very professional and knowledgable and more than willing to answer any and all of my questions. Her passion shows through in her attention to the details of buying a home... from understanding the paperwork to what to look for in a home. I highly recommend her!


I have never written a review before, but for Betty, I just had to. I have so many good and heartfelt things to write about Betty that it's going to be a struggle to keep this short. I found Betty on Zillow after perusing through several pages of RE agents, shortlisting and talking to a few of them. Betty is refreshingly different from other agents - she is not pushy or aggressive and is very friendly, gentle and easy to talk to. When I first met her, she actually put away lunch to talk to me for more than an hour about my expectations, locations, finances and covered pretty much every topic. I was a single female looking for a condo in the South Bay after years of renting. Being a transplant and a first-time home buyer, I had zero knowledge of the real estate market. After going to 4 open houses, I found one I really liked. Things moved at pretty much warp speed after that. Offers were due the next day and Betty spent the entire Sunday evening with me going through all the documents, explaining the legal jargon and putting together an offer. I am a busy IT professional, so it was awesome that she used Docusign and I was able to conveniently sign all the paperwork while at work the next day with the click of a button. She kept on top of things and in constant touch with the listing agent and this is where her magic touch came in - we were able to put in a counter offer at the last minute and get it accepted! There were a couple of hiccups during the escrow period, but Betty co-ordinated with my loan officer (Tony Guaraldi from Guaranteed Rate - top notch professional who was one of Betty's recommendations, BTW) and the listing agent and made sure that we closed on time. After, she helped me find contractors and even made a surprise visit on moving day to see if things had gone well and give me moral support :) Betty is not only a great realtor, but a terrific person - she is kind and I feel like we have a lasting relationship. It's a given that I will be going to Betty for any future real estate needs. But I also know that if I have any issues with the home at any time, she is the first person I will probably call for help. Thank you again Betty, for everything! :)

Mohan and Chandana Bethur

Betty was our real estate agent and helped us sell our house. She is very professional, hardworking, passionate and very straightforward. She is very detail oriented and made sure that the house was very well staged. Many of our friends were very impressed and the open house weekend was extremely busy. She provided us all the necessary information to make an informed decision and helped us decide on setting the right sale price and helped us during the negotiation process to get the best value for our house. She was responsive day or night. We highly recommend her.

Natalie & Thibault

Betty has been of an incredible help in finding our first home. She was extremely patient with us as we were making up our mind, and understanding what it was that we really wanted. Betty put time aside to review our general interests, what mattered to us, trying to understand who we were and what was our vision. It was absolutely clear that her priority wasn’t the sell itself, but rather finding the property that would work for us, getting the perfect match.

As first home buyers there is a lot of things to absorb in understanding the whole process. Again, Betty was there to guide us all along, answering our questions, being super responsive.

So really, and during the entire process, we never ever felt pressured or pushed around, but rather kindly guided, and supported, by a partner who had our best in mind.

For that we are very happy we met Betty, and thankful we were able to realized arguably what is one of the big milestone in a growing family.

Thank you Betty!

Anil and Reema Pillai

Betty is an outstanding real estate agent. She was our realtor and she worked with us for almost 2 years. She was able to accommodate our very specific needs in purchasing the new home. Not only was she a good resource for home purchase, she referred various personnel for household repairs as well. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and her patience is commendable. Rather than a realtor, now we have become close friends as well. Excellent buyer’s representative!!!

Anthony Luk

I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, dedication and knowledge in getting my property ready for sale and close a successful deal in less than 3 months while I was out of the country.

I would not hesitate to highly recommend you to my family and friends as their professional agent should they have any interest in the sale or purchase of real properties in future.

Jaigopi Govardhan and Suja Mani

We recently sold our house in record time and at very good price point. We couldn't have done this without the professional help. Betty was not only our RE agent but also a trusted partner. She was very diligent and thorough with her work. We never had to worry about anything, she invested her professional and personal time to understand our needs and seamlessly managed the whole process for us.

Her approach and attitude was always towards building lasting relationship over merely treating this as a financial transaction. During and even post sale she was always there for us every step of the way.... Truly amazing partner and professional with high integrity.....

Thomas Howell

Betty is a great realtor. my first impression of her is that she is beautiful and charming. however, after completing the entire home-buying process, i realize that my first impressions did not do her justice. she is actually very smart, thorough, hard-working, and passionate about being the best realtor. this was my first home-buying experience and i was terrified. i found betty a source of zen-like calm. most realtors are loud, obnoxious, and interested in blowing their own horn. not betty. when someone else is speaking, betty shuts-up and listens politely. (even if you interrupted her) then, when you are done speaking, she answers back with something very intelligent directly bearing on what you just said. and the final great thing about betty is the other people she knows to help-out with the deal -- from the termite guy to the property inspector, those guys were amazing. so i bought a house. it's not a palace, but it's not a tenement slum either. i would say it's a pretty-good house, in a pretty-good neighborhood, for a pretty-good price. it's a very-conservative financial investment. it's perfect.

Nancy Leung

Betty was patient and professional working with me. I started this process over a year ago and needed to take a few breaks along the way. She never pressured or pushed me along. She let me set my own pace and define what property suits my needs. She encouraged me to figure out what my needs were and what price/location I'm comfortable with. She also never pressured me to compromise.

Jeongsik Lim & Yujin Choi

Professional and excellent Realtor!

* Very patient with her client and great advisor for first-time home buyer. Carefully reviewing entire buying process together with clients to let them understand each required step, which minimizes unexpected and unnecessary mistake and/or wrong decision.
* Keeps trying to let client be happy and advise with her best knowledge without biased opinion.
* Provides professional services to figure out any potential risk before making final decision and suggests honest solution from the team.
* Strong experience and knowledge for Bay area housing market.
* Highly likely to recommend to first-time home buyer.

David Chen

Betty is experienced, extremely knowledgable and certain very easy to work with. Particularly, she was able to provide the necessary professional guidance throughout- even when I was away on business trip oversea, Betty was so responsive day and night. Highly recommended to everyone!

David Kung

I'm very glad to find Betty as my agent for buying a house for my parents. She is very personable and responsive. She was able to help us successfully bid for the first house that we made the offer. She was very good at talking to the seller agent and established a good relationship with him, so it was easy for us to get the offer accepted. She's also very friendly and pleasure to work with. She also has good knowledge about the bay area real estate market.

Susan Chan

Betty did an amazing job throughout the whole process of purchasing my new home. From the very start, she showed professionalism, integrity and was very knowledgeable of the current competitive market.

No matter how many questions or concerns that I had, Betty was always super responsive, patient, and extremely detailed in explaining the answers to me. I felt that she gives her honest opinion and also provided me with great resources about the community that would become my new home.

If you’re looking for an agent that’s meticulous in handling your home buying experience then I highly recommend Betty Leung. She will make you feel that you are not just her client but a friend. It’s hard for me to imagine how it could’ve been any better!

Shuping and Wenni Liu

She is very knowledge and professional to the market. She is also very nice and kind. Whenever we call or email, she respond in time. For any question we asked, she is very patient to explain. Her profession in the field obtained the trust from seller agent, too.
We are very happy to have her as our agent for buying the house.

Nancy Zhao

I found Betty online. The great reviews from her clients convinced me to contact her. It turned out she is even better than I expected. Betty is not only knowledgeable and professional but also very client-oriented. She tried her best to understand our need and think from our feet. When we stuck with the limited choices in the area we first aimed to, she kindly recommend us to another area. Furthermore, Betty is good at negotiate with the seller site agent. Her honest but wise attitude convinced the owner to accept our offer. I am so grateful for what she did. We bought our dream house.

Anupam and Surupa Chanda

Right from our first meeting to our settling down in our new house, Betty has always impressed me not only with her knowledge as a realtor but also with her friendly personality. Being a customer relationship manager myself, when I first talked to Betty, I could clearly see that she cares about her customers and their satisfaction. My instincts told me that I would be dealing with a caring person and not just a real estate agent, if I went with Betty. She listened to our concerns, needs and pulled in all necessary resources once we settled on the house. She even found past documents on the house that we never knew existed! Betty is a true professional -- very hard working, responsive and above all accountable. She helped out on a number of things even after we closed the deal and continued providing her support whenever needed. We feel very lucky to have found her as our realtor and now our friend. I will be more than willing to recommend her to a friend or family.

Silvia Lee

My husband and I had been searching for our first home together on and off for the past couple years. Betty was a great help throughout the process. She is extremely patient, flexible, and accommodating. Anytime we want to see a house, she will make herself available and work around our busy schedule despite the distance she has to travel. She gives us really good advice on the houses we've seen and the neighborhood. During the process we encountered some difficult listing agent and sellers. We had to do many negotiations back and forth and Betty was extremely professional. She helped us bargain extra time so we can do all the inspections we need. She would even go to the Planning and Building department and help us get answers regarding the zoning of the property, and help us procure the necessary documents. She would give us her honest opinions, and thanks to her, we were able to walk away from a problematic house just in time! She is very responsive to our requests, and she also has great strategies in making/presenting offers. We finally got our house below the asking price! Thanks Betty! I highly recommend her as your agent!

Ravi and Archita Palakodety

Betty was very helpful in helping us find our first home. She was very knowledgeable about the various areas, especially with respect to school districts. Once we picked a home to make an offer on, she was active in checking the status with the seller's agent, and helping us select a good offer price. After the offer was accepted, she was very helpful in making sure the loan (Western Bancorp associated with Intero) and other paperwork went smoothly.

Betty is very responsive, and as first-time home buyers, we appreciated her expertise and explanations for the various steps in the process.

Thanks to Betty, we had a very smooth escrow process, and moved in with no problems

We strongly recommend her Real Estate agent.

Jaigopi Govardhan and Suja Mani

Betty is very professional, dedicated and committed RE professional. She represented our interest very well. She never pushed us to buy the house, counseled us very well and connected us with right contacts we required before and after buying the property.

She is the best! And we would HIGHLY recommend her… if you are serious about getting right representation for your RE transaction… Betty is THE go-to person.

Sha Huang

I was a first-time homebuyer and it is my fortunate to have Betty as my first agent. She walked me through the entire process in every detail with great patience. She is busy but well organized, so she is willing to go out with me anytime whenever I want to see a house. Each time we go, she is very sharp to find out a property's positives and negatives.

Betty also did an excellent job in going over the disclosures, preparing the offer, and presenting it. She made everything simple for me and eventually we win in a crazy market.

She also recommended a good loan agent to me, who is very responsive and moves really fast. Without their help, I would not have such a smooth and pleasant house purchase.

Keith and Wai Ling Chan

We bought our first house five months ago with Betty as our sole agency. We have a very good experience with her helps. Betty is not only professional and ethical in doing business; she is very knowledgeable, smart and diligent in handling her clients. She is very responsible and detail throughout the whole process. We have no experience in buying house in US. And it’s a stressful matter in buying a house because there are a lot of document and report to review and sign. A trustful and professional agent is very important. Betty guided us through very well and with a lot of patience and explained all the details and educated us the knowledge. Her education background and experience is very helpful. She has given us a lot of valuable advice and made our research more efficient. She is the kind of person that will put her clients before everything. After she followed up my case, I found my dream house at a reasonable price within a month. We did not need to over pay to get our house. She is very follow-through and work very hard to help each of her clients. She has a very good network of people. She helped us not only in buying the house, but also follow-up with our home inspections and house remodel. She is very diligent and is ready to help at any time you need. She has the expertise to help you in a lot of areas when you own the house. You will find that she is a faithful friend too.

Bay Area Resident

I've worked with Betty in March 2012 in the south bay area. What I liked most about her is that she is very frank and won't sugar coat the pros and cons of a house. She will tell you straight up the good, the bad and the ugly about each property you visit with her. So there is no surprise and you can make decisions well informed. Similarly she will explain all clauses of the contracts and the risks and advantages of each one of them. I think there are very few agents who give you all the data you need to understand the impact of choices made.

Betty is very active, she visits most listings beforehands, so she can give great feedback without having her client go onsite to visit. This is great for eliminating houses that won't fit beforehand, and saves a lot of time.

She has outstanding negotiation skills. In fact she got to get us the house we wanted below the listing price in a hot area when the market was a seller's market, by using really smart strategies. She has a iron hand in a velvet glove:), she's very sharp and thinks on her feet and she adapts to any situation. Also she can read through people's act really well!

She is very professional; she went through all the paperwork without a single glitch. And she is very responsive. The team she works with is very good as well, her inspectors and contractors are efficient and did a very good job.

On top of that Betty is very friendly and really sweet, she understands her clients needs and works with the given constraints (budgets/tastes etc). She is very patient and thorough.

Overall I would strongly recommend working with her, she is a real gem!!

Verena Fuchs

If you want to be in the best hands when searching for property in the San Francisco Bay Area than look no further. Betty is the best real estate agent I have ever met. We were in the most difficult situation imaginable and Betty stood by our side with her support, day and night, always ready to listen to our concerns until we finally were given our keys to our dream home. We were under enormous time pressure, had a difficult seller and on top a very strenuous mortgage process. Betty kept us sane going through this difficult time. She was always professional, well prepared and protected us from a rogue seller giving us the best possible outcome. I am lucky to not only have had the pleasure working with Betty but to count her as one of my friends. I highly recommend Betty!

Sukirti and Megha Gupta

Betty is extremely professional, courteous and responsive realtor with great insight about the houses because of her architecture background. She made the entire house buying process extremely easy for us by reviewing all the paper work, and educating us throughout the process. We would strongly recommend her as a realtor.

Ying Wu

Betty was my realtor when I purchased a residential property recently. I highly recommend her. Betty is a hardworking and very knowledgeable real-estate professional. What makes her standout from other realtor is that her deep understanding in architecture design, detail-oriented working style, and willing to work with me to find-out smart solutions in the process of negotiation. My buying experience was smooth and pleasant.

Kang and Sungmin Lee

It is not easy to find a buyer's agent who is truly on the buyer's side, because all the fees and commissions to agents are paid by a seller rather than a buyer. Indeed in my journey to finding a house I have encountered some agents who I considered not very trustworthy. On the other hand, Betty is extremely honest and trustworthy to her clients (in my case, buyer) so that I was able to get her service without any concern. Moreover, when we finally entered our contract, Betty is also very knowledgeable and thus helpful in the process so that she touched every aspect of potential pitfalls hidden in the process to prevent any undesirable situation. As a result, we closed our contract very smoothly without any single bump. I am happy to work with Betty and recommend her to people who are looking for an agent who can truly be on their side.

Tin Lam

Betty Leung, a wonderful agent who guided us throughout the whole home buying process. We are a young 1st home buyer family who wanted the best of everything. Great school district, close to work, big affordable house with land and friendly neighbourhood.

Betty spent 4 months with us last summer. We built a great relationship which we have continued after the sale, because she is friendly, easy to work with and honest. What we appreciated in Betty as an agent.

1. Spent a lot of time with us to narrow down exactly what we were after. Never pushed us to make a sale or offer unless we were 100% excited.
2. Lined up several home tours after hours (5:30 onwards)
3. Spoke about each property and pointed out the positive and negative. Drew our attention to specific details on the contract.
4. Negotiations/ Bids went relatively smooth.
5. Got us out of a sticky situation - supported us throughout the entire process.

5 stars for Betty!

Richard and Connie Smart

Betty was tremendously helpful in helping us find a house in the Bay Area after we relocated from Upstate New York. She was extremely patient as we worked through the process, looking at condos, Eichlers, and relatively new homes throughout the South Bay Area. She provided great advice but was never pushy.

When we finally found the house we liked, Betty was exceptionally diligent on following up with the seller's real estate agent (seller was a rather uncooperative SF 49er who expected to be treated like a star!). Through her efforts we were able to close on time and get various minor issues taken care of by the seller. After closing, Betty has remained in touch and been helpful in recommending various service providers.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Betty. She represents the highest standards in terms of integrity, customer focus and follow up.

Thanks for your help Betty!

Donna Deremer

Betty was referred to me by my previous realtor who relocated to Washington D.C. When I met Betty I immediately liked her. She is professional, has high ethics, detailed oriented and stayed on top of everything. Her interest was taking care of me as her client. Betty was just a phone call away and always there to listen. I look forward to working with her again.

Devin Schrock, Property Manager, Property Pro, ltd.

Betty was referred to me by my previous realtor who relocated to Washington D.C. When I met Betty I immediately liked her. She is professional, has high ethics, detailed oriented and stayed on top of everything. Her interest was taking care of me as her client. Betty was just a phone call away and always there to listen. I look forward to working with her again.

-- Donna Deremer

Betty was a pleasure to work with. As a property manager for homeowners associations you deal with a lot of Real Estate Agents. Betty was enthusiastic and did her due diligence as an agent. By the time she put the unit on the market she knew the property extremely well from the owner’s to the HOA’s responsibilities. If only all agents did their due diligence, my job would be made a lot easier.

Tushar and Mallika Shah

I have lots to say about Betty - She was sincere, professional, passionate, thorough and easy to work with. She helped us find our first home in Bay Area. We met her during one of the open house and that's how started communicating. She was very helpful, responsive and knows in and out about the housing from researching to closing process which gives a client like us (first time home buyers) a lot of comfort. She was available not only during the weekends, but also weekdays as and when required. She has done a fantastic job for us and I am very sure she does an excel for all her clients. She also helped us find a loan agent who can process and execute the loan, find the best rates in the market and a contractor who could assist us with our home improvements. That was an add-on from her, so you can imagine with the number of connections she has in this business which is certainly appreciable. End of the process we felt like we are missing Betty now as we have been with her for several weekends. We would highly recommend Betty to anyone looking to buy a home.

Good Luck and Best Wishes Betty!

Narayan and Lakshmi Mandaleeka

Betty represented us in our recent purchase of our first single-family home in the Bay Area. After changing Agents thrice, we finally found someone who was very responsive, patient and very easy to work with. Once she helped us find the right house, she took care of the entire process end to end, from bidding to closing the transaction and made the entire process stress free. She even helped us shortlist the right contractors to upgrade our house before we moved in and followed up with them for work that was in progress. She is very personable and knows the market inside and out in the Bay Area. We never could have gotten our dream home without her.

Deborah Arias-Pelizzari

Dear Betty,

Today is Christmas. It is a day to be thankful for our blessings. I have to say, you were a blessing to me during the sale of my property at 1384 Meadow Ridge Cir. San Jose.

As you were aware, I was interviewing two other real estate agents to find the right fit. One agent was closer to my home and the other was a senior agent who had sold many units in Shadow Wood complex over the years. I knew you did not have experience in this complex, but I wanted to give you a chance. Based on your honesty and desire to perform described in your e-mails, I chose you. I made the right choice!

Your attention to detail is unbeatable. You were always available to me whether by e-mail or cell-phone. Many times you said you would work around my schedule because you understood that I was an hour away from the property. You were an excellent resource, providing me with house cleaners, painters, and licensed contractors who could get the job done without causing me any additional stress. You represented me doing the inspections. Your e-mails were very skillfully written to provide me with every detail of the inspection, your dealings with the HOA management company, with the buyer's agent or with the title company. You gave me great ideas to stage the unit and what needed to be addressed to make the place even more desirable. I'm sure this all contributed to the quick sale. With only one open house, on the market for 11 days and getting an offer for $25,000 over the asking price, I could not have imagined the unit would have sold as quickly and for as much. Thanks to your professionalism and follow-up, we were an unbeatable team and got the job done!

I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a real estate agent with your integrity and performance level. You should be considered a very valuable agent for your broker at Intero. Please feel free to use this letter of recommendation at any time; or, feel free to give your prospective client my phone number. I would be honored to give my testimony of our experience.

Happy New Year, Betty. I wish you much deserved success in 2010!

Audie and Kate

Betty made the purchase of our first home an incredibly smooth and pain free experience. She was quick and responsive in answering our questions no matter what time of the day we sent her an email or called her. She arranged for us to see the house we liked (and eventually bought!) on short notice and before it even had its open house. She worked late into the night helping us put together an offer. Once our offer was accepted, she was prompt in helping us line up the necessary inspections we needed to close on our contingencies and move forward with our purchase. But beyond being prompt and on top of things, Betty was just easy and pleasurable to work with for not just for us as the buyers, but for all the parties involved in the transaction: our loan agent, the selling agent, the sellers, the escrow agent, inspectors, etc. Betty was simply easy for everyone to work with and really helped make the entire process much easier than we had anticipated.

As first time home buyers and a then engaged/now newlywed couple, we had a lot of stressful things to worry about during the time when we were buying our home. Fortunately with Betty being not just our agent, but also our friend, making sure that we got our lovely first home was the least of our worries.

Dave Lui

Betty was great! I was looking for an investment property over the six months and when I was working with her, she listened to my requirements and made suggestions that help me expand my search for a property and ultimately finding the right property. And when I was finally in escrow, she worked closely with me, explaining the contract and addressing all my concerns. And she also worked tirelessly with the seller's agent and escrow officer to ensure the entire process goes smoothly. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home in the South Bay.

Riley, Kathy and Kyle Tsai

It's truth to have our dream home now!! Thanks Betty to find us the chance to get the home. We knew it's our chance now in current market. She immediately went down to the nitty gritty and cleared up lot of unknowns for us as the first-time home buyer. Betty continues to impress us with her patience, reliability and up-to-date knowledge on developments on property search, offer suggestion, property inspection, and even loan service help recommended. Betty was always accessible by phone or e-mail, promptly responding to all messages by earliest time frame. As a client and friend with Betty Leung, we can honestly saying that we have received the best possible service anyone could expect. Betty has shown us a commitment to quality and a dedication to client satisfaction. The dream home is what we are exactly looking for. She is a "go-getter" with real estate savvy. Without a doubt, we would highly recommend Betty to anyone looking to buy a home. The only challenge left for us is how to decorate our dream home.

Craig and Kristen Tamura

We had just moved from the Central Valley and really had no idea where to purchase a home. Our jobs required us to move to San Jose and start within a few weeks. We initially hired a realtor who lived in the bay area, but soon became discouraged with the lack of knowledge regarding the South Bay. We decided to check the local listings ourselves and came in contact with Betty. Right from the start, we knew we found that right realtor. She was professional, sincere, pleasant and empathetic to our needs. More importantly, she knew the South Bay. She understood our situation, and quickly began working on a plan to show us around the area. To make matters worse, we had a vacation planned months back that we could not cancel. We were in a dilemma where we needed to find a home that fit our needs, make an offer on it and close escrow while we were out. We needed someone we could trust!

Betty exceeded all our expectations! She was not only able to find us a wonderful home in a great location, but also worked closely with our escrow officer to ensure the paperwork would be complete when we returned to sign. Once escrow closed, Betty continued to help us with the relocation process by providing numbers for moving companies as well as contractors willing to help us with our remodeling ideas. She was there for us from start to finish!

Today, we are extremely happy with our home. We love the South Bay, and enjoy taking strolls around the area. We know this was not possible without the help of Betty. She's a magnificent individual! Our home buying experience couldn't have been any better! Thank you, Betty!